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What Is WordPress and Why I Should Use It

For those new to the digital world, you’ve probably heard quite a few terms and didn’t know the exact meaning of them. Of course, most people understand websites and pages, and now that pod-casting and blogging have become so prevalent many people are familiar with those too. However, unless you… Read More.. »

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Reasons Why Your WordPress Site Is Running Slow

A website that takes too long to respond can be detrimental to your online business as described by, Studies have confirmed that you have a very short time to load your site before people click away, especially if they’ve been linked there from another site that they visit. Think… Read More.. »

Web Development and Security

Website Development Plug-ins Any WordPress Site Needs

Ask any WordPress web developer what CMS platform he will choose to promote products or services on the internet, and he would say (at least most of them would) that WordPress is his/her choice. After all, as far as website development goes, WordPress has become quite successful in allowing web… Read More.. »

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Problems Uncovered In A Popular WordPress SEO Plugin

In recent news, it was discovered that those who use the WordPress All in One SEO Pack plugin may be putting their websites and computers at risk. Two highly dangerous vulnerabilities were found, and these may also have affected the search engine ratings of the people who have used them…. Read More.. »

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The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Site

There are currently more than 30,000 WordPress plugins available through their directory. This doesn’t count the various plugins that independent developers have made and that you could get through their sites. Each of these plugins is designed to help you get the most out of your WordPress account, but because… Read More.. »

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How To Optimize Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging hosts in the world today. Its easy to start a site and it can be totally free if you don’t mind WordPress being your host. Whether you use them as a host, or have your own website that is WordPress driven, your… Read More.. »

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Essential WordPress Tips For Beginners

If you’re just getting started on WordPress you can rest assured that you have made a good investment for a content management system. With a little practice and experimentation you can do some pretty amazing things on the WordPress platform, either for free or at a fraction of the cost… Read More.. »

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WordPress Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website

Making WordPress mistakes could result in your website being penalized by search engines. Even if you are not penalized, making these mistakes could be stopping you from taking full advantage of WordPress and the functionality it offers. Let’s take a look at five of the biggest mistakes that people make,… Read More.. »

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Good Reasons To Build A Website With WordPress

It started just over ten years ago, in 2003, but in a very short time frame WordPress has evolved into the largest content management system in the world. It now powers more than 17% of websites on the Internet, and this figure is on the increase every day. The WordPress… Read More.. »

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WP-Touch Plugin

WP_Touch plugin is an excellent plugin created by BraveNewCode Inc which enables your site to be Mobile device friendly instantly without editing any code. With this plugin active on your WordPress site you won’t have to change your theme or do any custom coding to make your site responsive to… Read More.. »

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There’s Nothing Secret About WordPress

There’s nothing secret about WordPress, after all it’s free and open source with a thriving community supporting it. The developers behind WordPress have made it easy for you to setup your own website in a number of ways. With just a little computer savviness you can take advantage of what… Read More.. »