Good Reasons To Build A Website With WordPress

WordPress LogoIt started just over ten years ago, in 2003, but in a very short time frame WordPress has evolved into the largest content management system in the world. It now powers more than 17% of websites on the Internet, and this figure is on the increase every day. The WordPress platform is used to power blogs and simple websites, apps and multi-sites as well as portals for major enterprises.

So why is it so popular and widely adopted? Well there are a number of very good reasons that so many businesses, bloggers and online traders have taken the platform up, and they all tick the right boxes from a business point of view. In short, WordPress enables you to build better websites fast, cost effectively and safely.

WordPress Is Quick And Simple

The WordPress platform allows anyone to publish and design his or her own website. With WordPress you do not need any technical or programming skills to be able to do it. You can use the visual editor or page composer instead of learning html code and still publish a high quality website in very little time.

WordPress Is Powerful

The WordPress philosophy is built around keeping code light, so that it remains fast, at the same time:

Providing a rich framework that allows the growing community of WordPress software developers and web designers to keep expanding what WordPress can do with applications that enhance its core functionality (called Plugins) and flexible web design templates (called Themes) that allow you to instantly change the look and feel of your entire website.

WordPress Is Search Friendly

Of course, having a website is one thing, but having a site that comes up whenever someone searches for a keyword or phrase is even better. The WordPress platform is extremely well optimized for search, as it points out on its own website:

When the head of Google’s web spam team says that WordPress is a great choice, taking care of 80-90% of the mechanics of search engine optimization for you, you know you’re on to a good thing. For more fine-grained SEO control, there are plenty of SEO plugins to take care of that for you.

WordPress Provides Template Flexibility

One of the reasons that WordPress is so easy to use is the fact that it comes with thousands of themes that are almost ready to use. A few years back a website could take months to build because the code had to be written and everything had to be designed from scratch. Now, by purchasing a template and customizing it to suit your brand you can have a site up and running in a few hours. It just makes better business sense all round.

WordPress Is Free

With a few online tutorials and making use of a free template, It’s possible to create a WordPress website and not pay a cent. Of course, it’s best to have a professional do it for you, but this software allows web design companies to make their services available much more affordable than if they were building custom html sites for clients.

Because of the ease and speed with which a WordPress site can be set up, it is also more practical for businesses that want to update their online look every few years.

Get Even More Functionality With Plugins

WordPress sites already come with a lot of features and functionality, but making use of the plug-in directory can give you even more functionality, from building more complex galleries for images and videos, to social media widgets and calendars, as well as protecting your site from spam and enhancing your online visibility.

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