How To Make Your Site Stand Out From The Rest Of The Competition

website under construction imageAccording to, the total number of websites as it currently stands is roughly one billion while the number of Internet users is around three billion. When you look at these numbers, the first thing that comes to mind is just how many sites are trying to compete with you in order to win over those prospects. However, don’t let these numbers fool you, because it also depends on the type of niche you are in, and you also have to filter out a lot of the junk sites and personal sites from those that are actual online businesses. states the following,

Before you give up and resign yourself to internet anonymity, take a second look! The internet is growing because demand is growing. The customer base is huge! This is your opportunity to become “the next big thing”, if you can execute successfully…

Here are a few tips to help your site become the next big thing:

Consider Your Audience

By having a good understanding of who your audience is, you will be able to provide the right type of content to entice them and keep them engaged once they enter your site. In fact, even your marketing campaigns will become more successful, because the type of traffic that you will be getting will be of high quality, and so there is a big chance that many of your site visitors will become customers. Therefore, take some time to understand what it is that your audience needs from you, how you’re able to meet those needs, and how you’re going to communicate the solutions you have to offer to them.

Keep Your Audience Enticed

A rule of thumb that you should always abide by is that anything you put on your website must have one goal in mind, and that is to benefit your target audience. So when the website experts talk about the importance of adding compelling content, this is exactly what they mean. Basically, you want your audience to feel that you are there for them no matter what, because this in turn will build a deep trust between you and your prospects, and that in turn is what will make them want to buy from you instead of your competitors. This type of content is also what helps you to rank well on Google and all the other major search engines, and it is a great way of creating link bait. So all in all, there’s no way you can lose with this approach.

Find Out Why Certain Pages Have High Exit Rates

The best way to do this is to study your website analytics. Take some time to figure out which pages have the highest exit rates (web pages where visitors leave almost immediately). We are not talking about the typical “thank you” pages after your prospect has made a purchase. says,

What about the rest of the Exit Pages? Is it logical that your site visitors did not see any reason to spend more time on your site? Why is it that they did not see value in clicking through to any more of your pages? How can you transform weak web pages into remarkably effective pages that stand out in your site visitors’ minds?

By fixing these pages, you’re increasing the amount of time your prospects stay on your site, and therefore, the chances that they’ll make a purchase or at least do what you expect them to do are greatly increased.

Eye Candy Is Crucial

Designing a website with the right type of contrast, as well as adding beautiful and meaningful images, will go a long way in creating the right atmosphere for your reader to choose your site over your competitors. If you don’t feel that you have the artistic skills to achieve this, you’re better off looking for good quality web designers who has the right artistic and technical skills to create the perfect site for your audience.

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