Why You Should Hire A Professional To Build Your Website

If you want to build a home would you do everything yourself, or would you work with an architect and building professionals? Would you plumb in your brand new bathroom, or would you get a plumber to do it? We seem very keen on hiring professionals for work that we need doing, but we think that we can build our websites by ourselves. This is a shame, since only a professional is truly able to achieve fantastic results. Remember that your website is the first impression people will get of you and your business, and you never get a second chance to make that initial first impression. So, if you are considering building a website, you should hire a professional to do it for you, and here is why.

A Professional Attitude

First of all, a professional website designer is able to create a great image. Besides that, they will know what sort of image you’re aiming for in your industry. They know how important creativity is, and they know how important marketing is. Hence, they know that your site should be completely unique, while also being easy and pleasant to look at, easy to use, quick to load and not experience any downtime.frustration image

Less Time Wasted

Building a website yourself takes a whole lot of time, frustration and energy and you would be much better off spending this on what you are good at: like running your business. You need a whole load of skills in order to design a website, and a professional web designer will either hold all those skills, or know people that do. Do you know about CSS, JavaScript, HTML, SEO, PHP, Flash and responsive mobile friendly design?

Staying Ahead

No matter what your niche is, you will have to deal with competition. The internet is a hugely competitive place and it is very easy to become more well-known than someone else by using the internet. Thanks to a good website, you will be one step ahead of your competition at all times, giving you a real edge.

Being Unique

You have to make sure that your website design stands out, but that is really hard when yours is one out of the million sites that are out there (there are actually around 1 billion websites in existence to date). You have to make sure that your site is unique and that it has features that allow you to customize it to your needs and those of your customers. A professional web designer is able to create and integrate this, so you don’t have to create a brand new website every time you want something new.

Your Message

A good website is able to convey whatever message your business is trying to tell the world. It is also able to help you market your message and ensuring it comes across the right way with certain colors, fonts and more. You need a professional in order to do this the right way.

Search Engine Optimization

Then, there is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This is an incredibly complicated part of marketing your website so that other people can find it when they go to Google or any of the other main search engines. It involves understanding complicated algorithms, and your website needs to be built so your pages can be indexed properly by the search engines. There is much more to SEO, such as creating back links, getting involved in blog posting and more. However, to start with your site must be built with page rankings and keywords in mind if you want to be found online. A professional website builder is able to deal with all of this for you.

Being Compatible with all Browsers and Devices

Your customers will use a range of different browsers and ensuring your website is compatible with all of these can be very difficult. Not only do you have to get the compatibility with various browsers right, you have to make sure your site is compatible with different operating systems, as well as on mobile platforms. Mobile internet is huge these days, and missing out on those customers would be a real waste of your potential earnings. Bandwidth and download times are limited on mobile devices, so your site must be flexible and responsive for these platforms. Since 40% of web page views are done on these devices as compared to computer monitors, (and this percentage is growing) your site needs to be optimized and designed to work properly on mobile type devices as well.Responsive Design

Since we have many different browsers mobile platforms to deal with, and each of them is known to display content differently. Your site must be tested and coded properly to work well across the many different viewing devices and browsers. Again, a professional is trained and well-versed in getting all of this right.

The top and bottom of it is that having a web design professional to do the work for you is a very worthwhile investment. Your website matters, it is the public face of your business not just to your geographical area, but to the world. This means it has to look and feel right and not be full of problems or mistakes. Having a professional do this for you is the best solution and wise investment.

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