Digital Ecommerce Solution for WordPress

eastdigThere are many eCommerce plugins for WordPress that can give you all the tools you need to be a successful online merchant.  In this review I’m going to give you a brief overview of the Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin.

The Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin is design for merchants that sell digital products for download. Installation is very simple; you can download it through your WordPress site by going to plugins and selecting add new. Then search for Easy Digital Downloads, once found select install a activate it and you’re ready to start. Once you have it installed you can go to the settings page to setup your payment gateway, email information, button styles, tax information and more. If you have any problems or questions about the setup of the plugin you can go to Easy Digital Downloads website where you’ll find in the support section, full documentation for the plugin which includes a user guide, tutorials and videos. Also if you’re still having problems you can contact them using their support system.

The developers behind this plugin have designed it using the WordPress core functionality so you’ll feel right at home when you use it. Adding new products is as easy and similar to adding a post to your site. Storing your digital media is just like uploading and adding an image to your media library. Yes it’s that simple, so with just a few clicks you can setup your product and make it live on your site.

Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin supports many of the popular payment gateways such as; PayPal, Stripe, Swipe, and many others. Some of these require the purchase of an add-on module so check out their website of more information.

As far as add-on modules go, Easy Digital Downloads has many to further extend the usability and features of the software. Let’s say for example that you’re looking for a software licensing software to generate activation keys, or you need a recurring payment system, volume discounts or email marketing integration software.   Easy Digital Downloads has you covered with add-ons like MailChimp, AWeber and many others to extend your software capabilities.

Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin really has all you need for a digital eCommerce solution. Best of all you can download and try it out for free.


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