Alternative Methods To Promote Your Website

Promoting your website with an SEO Company can be quite a lot of work as well as being expensive, particularly if you use the standard methods. Social networking works, but takes a great deal of time, PPC and email marketing is expensive. Blog commenting is hugely time consuming and so on. Besides this, if you have tried them all, then you are left wondering what else you can do. Luckily, there are a few alternative methods you could consider as well.

 Design Galleries

Design galleries are often more than happy to receive a submission from your website or your logo. Even if you are not in the design industry niche, you could still get quite a lot of traffic simply by demonstrating you have a good looking logo or website. There are hundreds of online galleries that are all easy to find, so start there.

 Make a Wiki

Creating a Wiki is a great way to get immediate attention to your business. Make sure that anyone within your organization has access to it so that they are able to update the information. You can even take this a step further and allow customers to collaborate on projects which will give you instant reviews as well.

 Use MultimediaPromote Yourself

Make sure you record any interesting meetings you go to. It doesn’t matter whether you use state of the art video technology or your Smartphone, so long as you can make these recordings. Share them through YouTube as well as on your website and social media forums. Interview employees and customers about things they like, which will help with promoting your business as well. Make sure the information is interesting and fun of course.

 Cold Calling and Email

We all hate cold calling and spam email, but they seem unavoidable. Next time you get a call like that or spot one of those emails in your inbox put the shoe on the other foot. Reply by talking about your business instead. This may not have amazing results, but it is fun and you might just find it works.

 Use Friends and Family

Word of mouth is by far the best type of advertisement you could ever get. If anybody you know has a blog or social networking site, ask them to share a link to yours. You never know, someone you know may just be the perfect endorser for your product, attracting a huge range of customers simply by sharing your information.

 Library Bookmarks

Then, there are library bookmarks. These are great because, besides promoting your site, they allow you to support local libraries and bookstores. There are still many bookworms out there that look for things in this manner. Not just that, even if no sale were to come from it, you will be directing people to education and therefore doing a good deed.

 Customized Merchandise

This one is a little bit more expensive, but definitely a lot of fun. You can make t-shirts, stickers, leotards, mouse pads, printed bags and so on. Anything can have the logo of your company on and you can come up with some really original things outside of the standard key chain or pen. Although you do have to have a budget available for this, it is worth creating one.

 Pet Clothing

Last but not least, why not get your pets to work for you as well? You could purchase some dog clothing and plaster your logo and URL all over it. Although dog clothing is becoming increasingly commonplace, it still stands out quite a bit, so you will get noticed. Again, this option is not one that is for free, but the expense is quite low and certainly worth it.

Chamber of Commerce

Don’t underestimate the power of networking with local businesses. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce and attending events can lead to valuable connections and potential partnerships. Additionally, many Chambers offer advertising opportunities, such as newsletters or websites, where you can promote your business to a wider audience.

Online Business Directories

Make sure your business is listed on all relevant online directories, such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. This will increase your online visibility and make it easier for potential customers to find you.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your business. Create accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with potential customers and showcase your products or services. Regularly posting engaging content can help attract followers and generate buzz around your brand.

Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with social media influencers in your niche can be an effective way to reach a larger audience and gain credibility. These influencers have a loyal following who trust their recommendations, making them valuable marketing assets for your business.

Attend Trade Shows

Consider attending trade shows or fairs related to your industry. This is a great opportunity to showcase your products or services, network with potential clients or partners, and get your brand in front of a targeted audience.

The more traditional ways of advertising websites are very effective, but it is often not sufficient to really make you stand out from the crowd. Hence, you have to think of some more original and unusual methods that you could use as well. It is about coming up with things that really get you noticed. Every business has a Facebook page, so having one of those, while essential, won’t make you unusual. Having elastic bands in your hair with your logo in flashing lights, on the other hand, will. Anyhow, you get my point here, find any avenue you can to promote your business, and don’t forget about using a Portland SEO expert as well. Be creative and interesting and you’ll get the attention you desire.

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