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Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo'
Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’

When our Portland SEO Company team members aren’t working at providing services to their many clients, they will likely be found unwinding and relaxing, and one way in which they do that is by enjoying the vibrant music scene in the Portland area. The often attend organized concerts and the team is looking forward to going to listening to and enjoying the music of the TajMo: The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at the Oregon Zoo. In fact, the Oregon Zoo is one of their favorite haunts. In addition, there are many other parts of Portland they like to go to as well.

The team members at Driven Web Services try to go out together at least once every other week, or more if possible. One of their favorite places to go is the Dough Fir, just outside of Downtown Portland across the Willamette River. The Doug Fir opened in October 2004 and quickly became a staple part of the live music scene in the city. It is a concert venue, a lounge, and a restaurant in one, following 1950s modernism styles.

Alternatively, they often go to the Mississippi Studios, which is located in the Historic Mississippi District. It is a very intimate concert setting located in a former Baptist Church. The venue was built by and for musicians and music lovers. It is one of the most popular concert venues of its kind in the city, with many people traveling from afar just to experience it.

Then, there is the Revolution Hall, which used to be a high school. It is found in the southeastern part of the city, just outside of Downtown Portland. Once the Washington High School, it became the Revolution Hall in February 2015. In just three short years, it has set itself apart as one of the best places to go for music lovers. The music venue is placed in what used to be the auditorium of the school. A roof deck and two bars were added during renovation but, uniquely, the original wooden seats remained in place, which gives this venue a really unique and timeless feel.

The Driven Web Services team also frequents The 1905, which is becoming increasingly popular with Portland residents. It is found east of the Willamette River and is the perfect place for artisan pizzas and beautiful craft cocktails. Not just that, this is the place to be for blues or jazz lovers. The name 1905 refers to the year in which the first Italian pizzeria opened in this country. What really sets The 1905 apart, however, is that it has such a strong focus on cultural inclusion. They wanted to create a space in which the Portland community could come together to connect, using atmosphere, experience, drink, and food. And it seems that they have succeeded very well in this.

Naturally, Dante’s is also a very popular location, not in the least because it is so centrally placed in Downtown Portland. It is a stone’s throw away from Old Town Chinatown and is home to anything from karaoke to cabaret to rock shows. Dante’s offers a true musical experience. It opened in 2000 and has since received numerous awards.

The Goodfoot Pub and Lounge is a fantastic and unique venue across two different levels, offering both a lounge and a pub. It first opened its doors in 2001 and has grown from strength to strength since then, with the Driven Web Services team regularly visiting it. It is found in the southeastern part of Portland and is loved for the spacious room upstairs and the comfortable lounge downstairs. It is also home to both DJ’s and live music, truly offering something for everybody.

Also, the team regularly goes to the White Eagle Saloon, which is also known as the White Eagle Rock and Roll Hotel and Bar, which is a bit of a mouthful. This is owned by McMenamins and is found in the industrial neighborhood in the north of Portland. It is a legendary location that is said to be haunted and to have been constructed on top of Shanghai tunnels. It opened in 1905 and is therefore one of the most historic venues in the city.

The last venue that we recommend is The Wonder Ballroom, which is located in northeast Portland and belongs to a range of other venues owned by the McMenamins group. It offers a wide variety of events ranging from rock concerts, DJs, comedy nights, community lectures, karaoke and more. This large venue can hold up to 500 people for its events – making it ideal for larger groups of friends or just for those who want to have a great night out. It also offers a variety of food and drink options as well as seating so that you can enjoy your time there as much as possible!


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