The Best Places to Live in Vancouver Washington, USA area

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The greater Portland area is the part of Vancouver, Washington across the Columbia River. The Portland area as on today is a well-planned as well as progressive cosmopolitan center which is exactly at the junction of River Columbia and River Willamette. Though it was a trading center in the past, today there are many neighborhoods and communities here which are thriving. Downtown Portland is one of the most ideal parts of the city to live. This area is stretched along the banks of Willamette River and the place is known for its clean and modern appearance. This place is ideal for shopping also and also there are several parks here to relax and enjoy. The population of downtown has recorded steady growth and many new houses are coming up in Pearl District also. Apart from the various traditional as well as modern facilities, there are a lot of cultural activities, popular museums and entertainment facilities here thereby making this place highly suitable to reside.

The South and the East

The southern as well as eastern neighborhoods of Vancouver also provide a balanced blend of old and modern facilities. The old streets with rows of trees and boulevards are perfectly maintained and the Victorian style homes, the street-corner restaurants and shops attract many people and they plan to relocate to this place. These places are ideal for walking and the residents here are proud of the excellent transportation facilities that are available here. Many people prefer to live in Vancouver because there is no Oregon sales tax and no Washington income tax. Good jobs, quality education and availability of excellent family homes attract many people to this part of Vancouver. The diversification of the economy and the emergence of high-tech industries had resulted in the creation of more jobs and now many people are employed here in professional as well as executive positions. The efficient light-rail system and the inter-city rail services had made the public transport highly efficient.

The Felida neighborhood

Many people do not prefer the Felida neighborhood because it is highly expensive. However, those who are able to afford it can have many advantages. Felida is more family-friendly than any other neighborhood of Vancouver Washington. Here more than 50% of the working people are employed as executives, managers and professionals. The incredibly lower crime rate and easy availability of single family homes make Falida an ideal place to live.

The neighborhoods of Esther Short and Shumway

The variety of shops, availability of efficient services, affordable home prices, the many entertainment venues and the modern restaurants make the Esther Short and Shumway neighborhoods ideal places to reside.



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