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city viewPortland, Oregon has turned into a perfect getaway for many travelers! Our Portland SEO Company just loves it here. The entire region is filled with laid-back people, green spaces and forward thinking cooks! If you are planning to visit Portland, you must go through the next few lines. Tips discussed in this article are gathered from ardent travelers, who have experienced the best of Portland, Oregon.

Handling the Directions!

Portland has many terrains. The lay of land differs from one region to another. For example, North Portland is filled with shops and art galleries. If you travel towards Northwest Portland, you will see streets with boutiques and Victorian styled houses. And, Old Town Portland is known for its stores with bric-a-brac and hawk snacks. The Pearl district was once a warehouse, which is now converted into stunning, luxury lofts. Of course, South East Portland has many craftsman bungalows and indie shops. It is home to many new restaurants too. If you want to see Portland’s creative side, you must visit the West End. It is packed with hipster cafes and buzzing lounges.

Best Places to Stay in Portland

Staying in Portland is never a problem. You have so many options to choose from. For example, you can pick distinctive hotels in front of water bodies. Or, opt for a high-design downtown lounge. Some of the region’s best hotels are:

  • Ace Hotel is known for its hoodie robes, turn tables and deluxe rooms. The place is known for its new breakfast buffet and bar. It is absolutely affordable and a delight to stay in.
  • The Heathman looks and feels like late 1920s. It is decorated with contemporary art collections and interiors. The place features art works by Henk Pender, Andy Warhol and Hap Tivey. The hotel’s weekend brunch should never be missed.
  • The Nines has 331 beautiful rooms, decorated in dark woods and Tiffany blue velvets. This hotel will let you have breakfast with Instagram worthy sights of Mount St Helens and Mount Hood.

Things to Do in Portland

In and around Portland, there is so much to see and enjoy. For example, you should visit the Portland Art Museum. This is one of the world’s oldest museums with 800 Japanese woodblock prints. The museum features indigenous works from the Columbia River. Last summer, the Museum exhibited “The Art of Louvre’s Tuileries Garden”. This was a spectacular painting by Pissarro and Manet. Few other destinations would be the Pittock Mansion, Smith Teamaker and Portland Japanese Garden.

Explore the city on foot: Portland is a rather small city and its attractions are easily accessible by foot. This is an efficient way to explore the place, as you can stop by any interesting spot on your way and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Portland that will surely leave you feeling energized!

Try local food: Portland has a variety of restaurants serving delicious dishes from all around the world. But more importantly, don’t miss out on trying some local specialties like craft beers, seafood served with homemade sauces or even vegan delights. You could also visit Food Carts in downtown area to experience traditional gastronomy at its best!



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