Quick Facts About Portland

Portland SignPortland, Oregon’s population has created a “beautiful” line between wildness and playfulness. The crazy bicycle rides, Voodoo doughnuts and costumed elders are a sample of the region’s motto: “Keep Portland, Oregon fun and weird all the time”.  Locals in Portland are always healthy, friendly and easy to understand. They focus on self-expression and depend on independent startups. This makes Portland a well-rounded region. The city doesn’t miss anything. May it be the colleges, art galleries, shops or events, there is so much to experience. Wilderness is not fat away too! You have the Pacific Ocean and two popular mountain ranges nearby. Likewise, you have the Willamette Valley to satisfy your need for fertile vineyards.

Quality of Life!

According to a recent study, Portland is one of the best places to live and work as a Portland SEO in the United States. It has a thriving job market and promises high quality of life. Portland adds value to everyone living there. Currently, the city enjoys an overall score of 6.7/10 and it ranks #32 in the country.

Cost of Living!

When compared against many other cities, Portland’s average cost of living is high. Housing costs have increased rapidly in the past few years. The rents and median home prices are higher than most other metro cities. Residents who wish to invest in properties look in areas like Vancouver Washington, Gresham and Beaverton. Though Portland suffers the country’s highest income tax rates, it doesn’t burden locals with sales tax.

The Local Climate!

Portland enjoys four amazing, distinct seasons. It rains between October and March. In fact, you will be able to experience downpours at the end of every year. Summers can be very warm and dry. In winter, you should be prepared to survive the freezing temperatures. You may see snow; however the snowdrops will disappear in few hours.

Cultures and Beliefs!

Portland is a beautiful region! It is known for its rich culture and well-educated population. The metro setting is ideal for small families and kids. There are plenty of spots for family friendly activities. This includes local parks, the Zoo and hiking trails. There are a few children theaters in the region too. More than 2/3rd of the population is filled with democrats. However, Portlanders don’t commit to parties easily. After all, Portland has the highest number of residents (in the United States), without any religious bindings.

Making Portland Your Home During Your Travels