Must Visit Parks for Walking and Hiking in Salem, Oregon

Minto-Brown Island ParkWe hope you like Salem as much as we do. If  you are looking for spots to run in Salem, Oregon. Salem is considered as one of the finest destinations for life! There are so many scenic sites and planned trails for walking, running, hiking and jogging. You will come across these spots within city limits. Whether you are in Salem for a short trip, or planning to become a long-term resident, these places will help you relax.


Riverfront park doesn’t need an introduction. This park is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. On the 4th of July, Riverfront experiences a major facelift. There is a pedestrian bridge to connects Riverfront and the Wallace Marine Park. The bridge will help you add more mileage to your early morning walks and jogs. Most people start at Riverfront and head towards Court Street. In fact, some people run around the Willamette University and State Capitol.

Bush Pasture

Another famous destination for runners would be the “Bush Pasture Park”. This is considered as a well-used park in South Salem. The Bush Pasture Park features the Willamette University track. There are many playgrounds, the Bush Barn Art Center and sports fields in this park. Two famous events at this park would be the annual Salem Art Fair and Soapbox Derby Races. The park has a perimeter of 1.3 miles. If you wish to experience the park fully, you must take the 2-mile loop.

Croisan Creek

Croisan Creek Scenic Trail is new to many travelers. This is one of the city’s coolest trials. The trial weaves through woods and residential areas. After walking for few minutes, you will feel like you are in the middle of a forest. This trial was created privately and is approved by the City of Salem. Apart from the main trial, there is a secondary meadow trial too. The meadow trial is in conjunction with the wooded, scenic one. Most of the trial is dirty and this adds more fun to the journey.

Minto Brown Island

Minto-Brown Island Park is an untouched destination. It has open orchards, fields, rivers and ponds! You will be able to experience the Willamette Valley’s fertile farmlands from this park. This is a 900-acres park with so many isolated areas.

West Salem Hills

Finally, you should walk around the West Salem Hills. Training in these hills will be a challenging one. The main climbs are through Orchard Height Roads. And remember, there are very few sidewalks.

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