Living in Vancouver, Washington

Getting around in Vancouver WAVancouver, Washington is located near the banks of Columbia River. It is a rich destination with many mountain views, towns with charming histories and cultural diversity. If you wish to relocate to Vancouver, there are few things you should be aware off. This includes details about the city’s housing facilities, schools, recreational opportunities and weather.

The Climate

Vancouver, Washington has a subtropical climate. Its summers are dry and winters are extremely chilly. The city enjoys rainfall during the months of March, April, May and June. Snowfall in Vancouver is rarely sporadic. You will see very light dusting and not much accumulation! However, there are chances of freezing rains and ice storms.

The Neighborhood

In Vancouver, sunsets are extremely vibrant and beautiful. This south-central city is ethnically diverse. It is rich with low-rise homes, single-family apartments and cute retail shops. Fraser Street and Main Street are splendid spots for shopping your hearts out. The shopping area is lined with many restaurants and tuck shops too. One of the hippest districts in Vancouver would be “Grandview”. The strip is also known as the Commercial Drive. The drive features eclectic cuisines, heritage events and organic food items.

Driving in the City

If you are a new resident at Vancouver, Washington, you will be able to update your vehicle number plates in less than 30 days. You should visit the local DOL and submit the following documents: Out of state title and certificate of vehicle ownership. Meanwhile, you should pass the local vision test and present a proof of identity. The total cost of this process would be 35 USD for the application and 45 USD for licensing.

Education at its best

There are two famous school districts in the region: Evergreen School District and Vancouver Public Schools. More than 22,000 students are enrolled in these schools. If you are looking for specialized education, you can choose the Vancouver iTech Preparatory or the Vancouver School of Arts. The best place for higher education would be the Washington State University and Clark College. All of my SEO services staff has graduated from Clark College. They have the best web development curriculum in the pacific Northwest.

Traveling Around

Traveling around Vancouver is quite easy. Most people travel by para-transit vehicles, bus lines (there 135 of them) or van pools. The region has many express routes. If you want to drive around the city, you should be familiar with I5 and I205 (interstate freeways).


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