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Salem Oregon State Capitol

Salem, Oregon is home to a population of around 150,000 people who reap the benefits of living in the heart of Willamette River Valley. With its awe-inspiring beauty and natural wonders, Salem is a perfect destination for those seeking a weekend getaway. Located roughly 47 miles from Portland, Oregon, Salem became the official capital of Oregon in 1851.

Salem’s lush landscape provides an abundance of outdoor activities for locals and visitors alike. Visitors can explore picturesque vineyards, towering Cascade Mountains an hour away or take leisurely strolls through beautiful flower gardens and green pastures. There are plenty of attractions to enjoy as well. From the charming cherry blossoms lining the streets to luxurious hotels and local restaurants offering a variety of cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Salem.

For those looking for a unique experience, nearby Silver Falls State Park boasts ten cascading waterfalls and miles of hiking trails that will transport you to another world. The park is also home to historic sites like the Grand Lodge of Freemasons which was built in 1889 and offers stunning panoramic views from the top floor. With so much history and beauty at your fingertips, Salem will make your weekend escape one to remember!

If you are in Salem, Oregon you must try the following things.

Try the Cheese!

Willamette Valley Cheese has a very long history. This is one of the world’s finest and high-quality handmade cheese varieties. This includes famous names like Mozzarella, Brie, Gouda and Cheddar. These cheese varieties are prepared using organic ingredients. The manufacturers commit lots of time and effort to quality. Cheese from Salem is not ordinary. There are so many families that take good care of cows and handle the environment without pesticides! This is how they prepare delicious cheese varieties. Gouda from Salem has a sweet and a nutty finish. It is nearly four months old. Also, you must try the creamy and “very old” Havarti. This is an award-winning cheese variety. The Brie cheese from Salem is mild and nutty in taste. Most of the cheeses are made with cow’s milk, but there are also goat-milk variants. All these varieties have a unique flavor that you may never get anywhere else.

The creamy texture of Cheddar cheese makes it popular among all ages. The variety of Cheddar is sharper than usual. It has a distinct flavor that can’t be found in store-bought cheddar cheese. Parmesan cheese from Salem is aged for more than 18 months. It has a wonderful nutty and earthy flavor with a crystal texture.

Bush’s Pasture Park!

If you want to experience nature, you don’t have to leave Salem! Bush’s Pasture Park is found at the heart of the Salem. This is a stunning, 90-acre botanical garden and park. Bush’s Pasture Park is an ideal destination for sports, early morning jogs and sight seeking. There are plenty of historical buildings around the park. If you are at this park, you will have plenty of quality ways to enjoy your day. You can choose to go on a picnic, jog, bike or walk! In fact, there is a beautiful flower garden with more than 2000 cherry trees, apple orchards and roses. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied and make your time here enjoyable!

Bush House Salem Oregon

Deepwood Museum & Gardens!

Historic Deepwood Estate is worth a visit! This property was established in 1893. It was the home of Queen Anne Victorian. The property spans across four acres with natural trails and gardens. The estate is located at the center of the city. According to Sunset Magazine, this is one of the best homes you can find in the west. Today, it is used by celebrities and businessmen for weddings and special events.

The property also houses the Deepwood Museum & Gardens. The museum is filled with artifacts and collections from the era, including furniture, photos and other memorabilia. William Christmas Knighton, the former owner of the property, donated much of the artifacts. The museum also has exhibits that pay homage to local history and culture.

The estate also features a small theater where plays are sometimes performed. It also offers guided tours that let visitors explore the grounds and learn more about its buildings and history. The museum rotates exhibits throughout the year in order to share more of the era’s history and culture with visitors.

Our Salem SEO enjoys visiting the Museum and its grounds. It’s a wonderful location to learn more about the rich history of Salem and to explore some of the area’s unique relics. The museum provides a great opportunity to immerse oneself in local history, culture, and architecture. We highly recommend visiting this Salem gem!

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