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Portland at nightThese are places a lot of Portland SEO professionals visit when needing some quality down time.

In Portland, you have so many free activities to enjoy. If you have 5 in Portland, no two days will be the same. In fact, you will never run short of doing free things. There are plenty of gardens, parks and hangout spots. Some of the best parks have play fountains for kids, hiking trails and hundreds of roses. With that being said, here are few places you should never miss!

The Blue Lake Park

The list begins with “Blue Lake Park”. This is a beautiful recreational area in Fairview. The park is 20 minutes away from Downtown. You must pay an entry fee of 5 USD for every car. Inside the Blue Lake Park, there are splash pads for children (these pads are around 70 degrees), a manmade lake and sections for swimming. The swimming pool is very shallow and is for kids below 5 years of age. Blue Lake Park has specific areas for archery, golfing, walking and picnics.

Jasmine Square at Pearl District

Another interesting outdoor park in Portland would be Jasmine Square. It is found in the Pearl District. It is beautifully hidden by the region’s high-rise condos. The park is flooded with kids during the warm season. Just like the Blue Lake Park, there is a fountain that runs into a shallow pool. The fountain is extremely safe and clean. Jasmin Square has many small chairs and tables for you to relax and read a good book.

The Famous First Thursdays

Portland’s First Thursdays is a famous event. Most locals and tourists wait for these First Thursdays. During this time, downtown galleries showcase the works of local artists. Likewise, street vendors host activities like wine tasting, live music and hors d’oeuvres. In general, First Thursdays are happy days. The events are so special that crowds always keep returning!

Springwater Corridor

The Springwater Corridor is a way to Boring. It is a multi-use trail between Boring and SE Ivan in Portland. The trail is more than 14 miles long. The corridor is a channel between many parks. This includes the Leach Botanical Garden, Tideman Johnson Nature Park, Gresham’s Main City Park and Powell Butte National Park. These parks have some of the world’s finest trails.

The Fire Museum

In Portland, you have the Jeff Morris Fire & Life Safety foundation to help you with “Safety”. The team has set up an amazing facility called the “Fire Museum”. Tours in this museum usually lasts for hours. They feature an equipped safety store and gift shop too.

The museum consists of interactive exhibits, memorabilia and artifacts from the history of firefighting. They also have an extensive collection of historic uniformed and equipment displays. This is a great opportunity to explore and learn about Portland’s Fire & Life Safety heritage in a fun and educational atmosphere.

Local Tours

If you are looking for an interesting way to explore Portland, then local tours are the perfect choice. There are several tour companies that offer different types of walking or bike tours around the city. These unique experiences allow you to discover some lesser known sights that many visitors usually overlook.

Some popular tours include historical neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, breweries, street art scenes and more. Tour guides will provide you with plenty of fun facts and stories as you discover Portland’s vibrant culture.

Fire & Life Safety Tours

The Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau offers a unique tour experience focused on the history of fire and life safety in the city. The two-hour tour provides an up-close look at historic firehouses, equipment, apparatus, and uniformed personnel who help maintain the safety of Portland citizens.

During this one-of-a-kind experience, visitors will have the chance to learn about how these amazing men and women respond to emergencies around town while exploring some of Portland’s most important buildings. Guides will provide interesting tidbits about the fascinating past of firefighting and what it takes to keep our community safe today.

The Fire and Life Safety Tour in Portland is truly a unique experience that offers visitors the chance to learn about the fascinating history of firefighting while exploring some of Portland’s most important buildings. From up-close looks at historic firehouses, equipment, apparatus, and uniformed personnel who help maintain safety around town to interesting tidbits about the past of firefighting and what it takes to keep our community safe today – this tour has something for everyone! If you’re looking for an exciting way to explore Portland’s rich history, then don’t miss out on this one-of-a–kind opportunity.


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