Places to Visit in Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver WaterfrontPlaces to visit in Vancouver, Washington USA area

Vancouver, Washington USA area is one among the oldest cities in USA and Vancouver is known for its rich history. The museums and various tourist spots in Vancouver reveals the glorious past of this place. The history of Vancouver dates back to 18th century. The most important places to visit in Vancouver include Fort Vancouver National historic, Esther Short Park, The Farmers Market, Waterfront Renaissance Trail and Vancouver Land Bridge.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is a national park situated on the north bank of Columbia River. This park was established in the year 1948 and the park preserves the Hudson’s Bay stockade. There are four different sites in this park that remind the rich culture of Pacific Northwest. The four sites are the British fur trade fort, the barracks of the US Army, the Pearson Air Museum and the visitors’ center. At the British fur trade fort, one can learn in detail about the life of a fur trapper. The Pearson Air Museum reveals the history of the flight. In the visitor’s center one can view many exhibits that are highly informative. A short film about the history of this place is shown here and apart from that there is a bookstore and the artwork display by American Indian artists. The visitors can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the snow-capped mountain peaks while walking on the trails.

Esther Short Park

Esther Short Park which was established in the year 1853 comprises of 5 acres of land in the heart of Vancouver and this is one among the oldest parks in this place. The Salmon Run Bell Tower is at the south east corner of the park. A story about the Chinook Indians is depicted here by a Glockenspiel diorama. Those who visit this park can enjoy the beauty of the green urban land. At the northern entrance of the park there is the big statue of the “Pioneer Mother”. The other attractive features of the park include the large fountain, the children’s playground, the rose garden and the Slocum House. Outdoor events and concerts are conducted in the park throughout the year.

Waterfront renaissance trail

The paved pathway that connects the Esther Short Park with the Wintler Park is called the Waterfront Renaissance Trail and this pathway is 5 miles long. This trail is known for its scenic beauty and the visitors walk, jog, run and bike-ride through this. Along the pathway as well as the trails there are shops, restaurants and many historical attractions.

Vancouver Land Bridge

This 40-feet wide earth-covered bridge connects Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River Waterfront. The rare plants and the basket weaving on the bridge symbolize the European and the Native American culture. Lewis and Clarke camped here for the first time and later the place became Fort Vancouver.

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