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Vancouver WA

Vancouver is insanely a beautiful city. It shares name with Canada’s Vancouver to honor George Vancouver, a sea captain. So, it’s not a major surprise that people in Vancouver are often mistaken for the other. In fact, the world is quite used to this confusion. Over the years, there have been so many confusions that people wear shirts reading: Vancouver, Not Washington, Not Clark County, Not Near Portland, Not Maine! And, to stop conversations, they say Portland as their hometown.

Vancouver folks are known to be laid back, friendly, and active people. For the most part, they’re usually seen sporting yoga pants, hiking boots, and beanies. They love eating healthy foods in trendy cafes and restaurants and also enjoy exploring the outdoors on their days off. Their fashion sense is often casual but stylish with a mix of grunge, hipster, and classic styles.

Stereotype #1 – The Neighbors!

Most people in Vancouver, Washington consider Portlanders are pretentious. They claim that Portlanders are dominant and extremely complex. In fact, they cannot stand the sight of tourists, and traffic. Unfortunately, Vancouver must deal with Portlanders. That is because Vancouver is a part of Portland’s Metro area. They are divided by the Columbia River (locals consider this as the great divide). They love to attend the endless community events and festivals at Portland. In fact, many in Vancouver work in Portland. The proximity works to their advantage.

Stereotype #2 – Fireworks

The talk about Vancouver will remain incomplete without fireworks. Almost everyone loves to experiment fireworks. The locals set huge stands for the 4th of July. In fact, people from regions like Oregon travel to Vancouver for its fireworks. The 4th of July in Vancouver is going to be extremely loud and colorful.

Stereotype #3 – Weed Mecca

Vancouver has turned into a weed Mecca. Kermit The Frog may have not visited Vancouver. However, it is easy to become green in this area. Everyone at Vancouver knows how to get a hold of marijuana since becoming legal in the State. Even if you are clueless about what “green” is, the locals will tell you everything you should know. They will tell you where to go, what to buy and how to bargain.

Stereotype #4 – All About Fun

Vancouver is known for its friendly and outgoing atmosphere. The locals are always on the lookout for something to do, whether it’s checking out a new restaurant or going on an adventure in the great outdoors. Vancouver is full of festivals, events and activities every day of the year, so you can find something to do at any time.

Vancouver is known for its calm and composed people! Likewise, they know how to get rid of taxes. Vancouver have mastered the art of avoiding taxes. Washington doesn’t have an income taxes. That means, people working in Vancouver like our web design professionals don’t have to worry about it. That means more money in their pockets which mean they can enjoy the city with a carefree attitude.

When it comes to small business, Vancouver is the best place to be. Vancouver understand that small businesses are the heart and soul of a nation’s economy, so they make sure that all types of businesses get all the benefits they need to keep running smoothly. The government provides tax credits for businesses, subsidies for training and development programs, and other incentives to help small businesses succeed.

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