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Rafns'Salem is the capital city of Oregon. It is located at the heart of Willamette River Valley. The city is around 47 miles from Portland, Oregon. Currently, the city enjoys a population of 150,000 people. In 1851, Salem became the official capital of Oregon. The place is recognized for its extraordinary beauty. Most of Salem is bordered by flowers, gardens, green pastures and vineyards. If you are looking for an exotic weekend, you must visit the Cascade Mountains. These mountains are an hour away from Salem. Plus, you will see plenty of tourist attractions, hotels, cherry trees and restaurants to appeal a wide range of people.

If you are in Salem, Oregon you must try the following things.

Nate & Rochelle Rafn’s Restaurant

The list begins with Nate & Rochelle Rafn’s restaurants. The duo grew up in Salem, Oregon. They have been committed to the local ways and food styles. The couple have supported producers and farms in the region. Their restaurant is a perfect platform to experience the city’s local flavors. The restaurant was founded to offer a private club-supper experience. They offer limited menu items. All these items are prepared using organic and local ingredients. Today, the restaurant focuses on counter-services and family-styled dining.

Minto Island Farms

Towards the southern corners of Salem, you will find the Minto Island Growers Farm. Elizabeth Miller and Chris Jenkins started a team to produce a wide range of crops throughout the year. An interesting range of crops are produced every season. The food cart and farm stands operate during the warm, summer season. Fresh farm foods by Sally Miller are both delicious and healthy. You will be drawn towards the fresh milkshakes, wood-fired pizzas and Vietnamese items from Chef Bao.

Wild Pear

Wild Pear is a staple restaurant in Sale. It is adored by both visitors and locals. The place is owned by Cecilia Ritter and Jessica Ritter. It has a classic range of food items with interesting twists. For example, you will be able to order potato French fries with white truffles and Kahlua pork-based sandwiches. Some of the bistro’s best dishes are wild pear cheesecakes and lime custard.

Ritter’s Eatery

Another restaurant by the Ritters would be the “Ritter’s Eatery”. This restaurant fills the local dining scene with healthy and fresh lunch options. They pay tribute to Salem’s authentic dining preferences. The restaurant is carefully designed with huge dining rooms and open kitchens. You will have the chance to gaze into the brick pizza oven. May it be cheese or sandwiches or charcuterie platters, you have so many varieties to pick from.

We love dining and working in Salem Oregon. Here are a few other interesting restaurants in Salem you may enjoy: Paradiso (Grand Theatre), Taproot Lounge & Café and La Margarita.

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