Why Integrity Should Be A Website Priority

american flag and constitutionIntegrity is more than just an X-theme for your website; it’s also a standard by which you should post content to your site. While there are various methods of SEO and traffic increasing tools to utilize across your site, and keeping up with the latest in CSS and responsive design is important, nothing is more important to your website than the content you are posting.

Representing Yourself In Your Blog

This is a pretty basic concept to understand, but your blog and site are representing your business or yourself as an individual to those who access your web page. This means that all of those fancy aesthetically appealing images, urls, and keywords are meaningless if people load your page, see that the content is phony or spammy, and turn tail to check out the competition.

In order to utilize integrity to your advantage and increase viewership you have to keep your content on topic to whatever it is that your site is trying to achieve, while still including all of the keywords, links, and additional applications available through your WordPress website. This means tying things together in a way that flows evenly, and which seems organic, and natural to you or your business.

Crawlers and SEO Purposes

If you want to make your site into an online marketing tool, you can definitely hit the top of the list via search engine optimization by keeping integrity in the forefront of your mind when posting and adding content. The way that Google devises it’s algorithms is a mystery to most, but there are certain ways that you can increase your ranking, and being genuine is one of them.

Over time, crawlers or online bots will scoop out your site and scan your keywords, repetitive content and other factors that define you as a company or individual. They factor in things like how much spam is on your site, whether or not your content makes sense, and how many links are leading viewers to dead ends or unrelated content. All of these issues can be solved by being as honest as you can with your content. This can be particularly difficult when delving into link building and keywords, but taking the high road will almost always lead to a greater rate of success in the long run.

Creating An Easy-To-Use Update Process

Finally, the way that you market yourself through your WordPress website can come down to how easy it is for your viewers to focus on the materials that you are putting forward to them. This means that you must draw them in, but also make them want to continue searching through your site even after they have finished an article.

Breaking up your updates into subtitles, adding photos or videos in the middle of a rather long post, or including interesting links that are relevant to your niche can all make people want to visit your website more often, and continue reading your content. Lengthy articles that make it difficult to focus, bore people into checking their Facebook or Twitter rather than reading on, or stop visiting your WordPress site altogether are what you want to avoid.

Keeping It Real

Whether you are a new user to the features, or you have been using the tools offered by WordPress since it came into being, it’s extremely important to remember that the content you post is just as important as the fancy layout you use and the added applications and special features that you implement. This makes it a better experience for your viewers, but it will also make your life easier as well, because you will get into a routine on how you find content, load content, and format content.

Over time it will become a quick and easy process, and those who visit your website will come to expect certain additions, and know that you are an authority they can trust when it comes to your niche or field of focus. Being an authority in your industry will make your WordPress site easier to find when consumers and online users search for you. It will put you in more highly rated categories of WordPress users, and it will help you build your brand from the inside without a mass supply of external help.

Approximately 20% of the websites on the internet now use WordPress as their means of design and interface. By keeping your sites integrity in check, you can help push your site to the top of this mountain of users, and keep people coming back for more.

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