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Understanding SEO

You may have heard the term SEO thrown around in digital marketing circles or caught glimpses of it in website development. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of optimizing a website to rank higher in organic search engine results. When a website is SEO optimized, it’s easier for search engines like Google to understand what the website is about, thereby increasing the chances of it ranking higher in search results. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into SEO, how it works, and why it’s so important for businesses.

SEO Drives Targeted Traffic or Leads to Websites

SEO drives targeted traffic to your website. The process of optimizing websites will help target individuals through keyword research that they use to search for products, services. This means that your website will appear on Google when someone searches for a keyword that aligns with your business. It’s an excellent way to get your website in front of people who are interested in your products or services.

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SEO Improves User Experience

Search engines have become smarter over the years, and they look for websites that provide the best user experience. This means that optimizing your website for SEO will help improve the user experience. A well-structured website that’s easily navigable helps users access the information they need faster and in a more efficient manner.

SEO Will Improve Brand Awareness

SEO will increase brand awareness. When your website ranks higher in the search engine results pages, it increases the likelihood of people clicking through to your website and engaging with your business. This, in turn, increases brand recognition, which is crucial.

SEO is Cost-Effective

Investing in SEO is more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. SEO is a long-term strategy that will yield great results if done correctly, and it helps businesses save money on advertising costs. SEO is not a one-time expense, but it is an investment that will generate a steady flow of organic traffic to your website, which could lead to more conversions, and a better ROI.

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Digital Marketing

We specialize in Google Ads management. Let’s put your company services in front of new buyers seeking your products and services.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization is the important part of a successful business plan. Our search engine marketing services will get your business found and in front of thousands of new prospects.

Local Map Rankings

If you're a local service area business, local map rankings are a must. We've put local service area businesses at the top of the local map pack and tripled their business.

Web Design

We specialize in mobile friendly responsive web design. With the growing number of digital devices used to access the web today, it’s imperative your site can be viewed easily on tablets and mobile devices.

Web Development

WordPress is the leader in the market of CMS software. With extensive experience in web development using WordPress for web design and to custom build websites of all types and styles, we can build you a perfect solution for your next website.


It's never been easier to get up and running with an online store. We specialize in the WooCommerce shopping cart solutions to create fully functional and optimized eCommerce stores.

SEO is Incredibly Dynamic

Search engines are continuously changing their algorithms and ranking factors. This means that SEO is a constantly evolving process, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It requires consistent research and implementation of optimization strategies that align with the search engine guidelines. The dynamic nature of SEO makes it an exciting part of digital marketing that businesses need to adapt to in order to stay ahead of the competition.

SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. It helps drive targeted traffic, improves user experience, increases brand awareness, and is incredibly cost-effective in the long run. SEO is also very dynamic, requiring constant optimization and adaptation to stay ahead of the curve. By investing in SEO best practices, businesses will take advantage of the benefits of SEO and drive growth.

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How It All Works

Whether we’re building a site for you, or when doing SEO work on your existing site, we’ll talk about the important terms and phrases you want to be found under or ranked for. Having a chance at good search rankings starts with proper URL structuring, and quality content. We’ll work together to make sure we have the right words in titles, and headings, so the search engines will know what your site is all about.

SEO is not a do once and you’re done situation. It takes time and patience to build authority and trust with the search engines and your users. Not only do the search engines want to see good quality on-site content, they also want to see specific off-site information about you as well. It has been determined that Google specifically has over 200 different ranking factors they use to decide which of your web pages to display in the results. Some of these factors include your page load speeds, authority in your niche, relevant links, code errors, quality content, and visitor engagement. And they continue to refine these factors on a regular basis, so you’ll need our SEO services to help you stay on top of these changes, and to solidify your search rankings

On-Site Factors

Off-Site Factors

This is just a small list of things you must do, and which we can help you with. Furthermore, depending on how competitive your niche and keywords are will also determine how much additional work will need to be done.

As stated above, SEO is something you need to continue to work on for the long term. Google continues to change and update their requirements, so you need to stay on stop of these changes to maintain your rankings. This is where a professional SEO company like ours can help you.

Having many years experience, we’ll make sure your site is well structured, search engine optimized, and we’ll cover all your on-page and off-site needs and requirements.

Proven Record of Results

We work with many service area businesses such as roofers, HVAC, appliance repair, junk car removal companies, and national companies for water filters for example. Below are some of the keyword rankings we have targeted for these businesses.  The results are real, and we can do this for you as well. When you get rankings results like these your business will grow and thrive.

SEO Rankings for SEO services
Furnace Installation
SEO rankings for furnace repair
Furnace Repair
SEO rankings roofing company
Roofing Company
SEO rankings appliance repair
Appliance Repair
SEO rankings for cash for cars
Cash For Cars
SEO rankings water filters
Water Filters

Data-Driven SEO

Anyone who has a website understands the importance of search engine visibility. And the more competitive your business or industry is the more important search engine optimization or SEO is to your success. We are goal driven, result driven, and success driven company here to help your business succeed. Hence the name, “Driven Web Services”. Let’s get your SEO started today.

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Ranking and Reporting

If your site is new, SEO can take many months before reaching optimal rankings. Your new site will need to win the trust, or gain those search engine trust factors that are needed before you reach optimal search rankings. However, if your site has been established for many years, and you’ve had no bad SEO practices done to your site in the past, then your rankings will change much faster if done correctly. With an aged site you have most-likely already earned the trust of the search engines so movement in your rankings will happen faster. Of course there are other factors that can slow down your progress, and these will be addressed when you hire us to dothe SEO work for you.

What you should expect to see is: 3-6 months for an established site, and 6-12 months for an new site to move up into optimal rankings. Now don’t let this get you down because we’ve seen things move a lot faster depending on how competitive your keywords are.

Once you’ve signed up for SEO services with us, you’ll receive a detailed report of your keyword rankings each month so you can track your success.

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